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Our inventory of vintage and modern pinball machines is constantly changing. Here are some of the great-playing refurbished pinball machines that are currently looking for their new forever homes. If we don't have the one you are looking for, let us know and we will locate it for you. And if you want to come play them in New York City, or want more information, send us an email or call or text 917-209-8523! Games can be delivered locally or picked up. And we ship pinball machines across the country and around the world.
Modern Machines

These are modern-era digital, computerized machines generally produced after 1981 with features including multiball, ramps, speech, digital displays, and super fast action. These games also have deeper rulesets and more playfield "toys" and features, and are the type of game you'll generally see in bars and arcades today.

Attack From Mars Jumping rubber martians, exploding space ship, martian madness, 4-ball multiballs
The Addams Family Moving bookcase, Thing grabs the ball, three-ball multiball, The Power magnets, amazing art, gameplay and sound.
Iron Man Rising Iron Monger bash toy, two magnets, two ramps, shaker motor, custom LED lighting, three spinners
Indianapolis 500 Three flippers, turbo booster, race car spinning disk, rotating race car toy shaker, Indy Race video mode.
Transformers Combo Limited Edition Ramps, multiball, shaker motor, drop target, moving toys, interactive upper playfied
The Flintstones Moving Dictabird and "machine," 3D rock apron and Bronto Crane, bowling pin targets and alley, ramps, multiball, original sound, speech, and music from the TV show and movie.
Fireball Classic spinning disc, three-ball multiball, multil-level skill shot
Indiana Jones Pinball Advenure Drop targets, four multiballs, moving path of adventure, moving Idol ball lock, original sound and music from the movies.
Firepower (Fully Restored) multiball, lane change, speech, kickback, fully restored machine, like new
Vintage Classics

These are electromechanical (EM) games, and early digital games, that represent the "classic" pinball experience, produced between 1948 till about 1980. These games generally feature the single ball play, bells, chimes, and simpler rulesets that make them very welcoming to new players and kids. But don't let their age fool you - when properly refurbished, these games are fast, fun, and every bit as challenging as a modern game. Top players know that being good at the classics is really what separates the kids from the grownups. Some of the best pinball machines ever made come from this era, and some of the best-looking too thanks to classic art by the likes of Gordon Morrison, Roy Parker, and George Molentin.

Grand Prix 2 spinners, 4 drop targets, 3 kickout holes, cool racing theme
Buck Rogers Eight drop targets, captive ball vari target, kickout hole, all new boards
Stars 6 drop targets, two spinners, and STARS
Jungle Princess 10 drop targets, two kickout holes, four flippers.
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