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Gottlieb's "Now"
This psychedelic time-capsule brings you back to the Flower Power era in a huge way: swirling hair, faces in the clouds, stars, sunbeams....stare at this game enough and you'll start to see things you couldn't possibly imagine, and that's even if you are sober!!! Besides the stunning looks of this game, it's a great classic pinball player too; 8 tasty drop targets, three pop bumpers, and those venerable Gottlieb chime sounds - this one has it all. And, up to four players can enjoy it at once! Easy to follow rules but you never run out of things to shoot for: Knock down drop targets, and then cash them in, and they'll pop right back up for more scoring opportunities. Also, a cool bank shot back into the shooter lane gives you additional skill shot opportunities for big 300 points. You can also thread the needle and shoot the lit skill shot lane from the flippers all the way through the pop bumpers. Really cool collector's piece that will class up any game room! From legendary designer Ed Krinski and equally celebrated artist Gordon Morrison. This game is in awesome condition for being over half a century old; the cabinet has some scratches and vintage graffiti (Someone carved "Freak out" in the left side of the head"), but the playfield and backglass are near-mint.
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Manufacturer: Built by Gottlieb in 1971
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 8 drop targets, first gottlieb with three inch fllippers, chimes, three pops, kickback shooters at the bottom
Price: $1999
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