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Here it is, a gorgeous, restored issue of Gottlieb's famous 1975 classic, Atlantis. This is an all-timer, one of the best and most collectible "wedgehead" designs from the king of classic pinball, D. Gottlieb and Company? What makes this game so awesome? Start with the 10-bank of dolphin drop targets; there's nothing better than drop targets in a classic game, and on this one, if you knock down a blue and white at the same time, you get a huge 5,000 point bonus! The "waterfall" on the right side of the playfield gives you a great opportunity to advance your number values for points and toward special, and risk/reward. Do you keep it in the waterfall for potential points? Or do cut bait and try to nudge it out of danger (away from that pesky open right outlane)? YOU decide! This game plays lightning fast with rebuilt pops and flippers, and looks and plays virtually like brand new. Playfield is in mint condition, and the backglass is a brand new repro. The cabinet looks fantastic too! I perfect collectible center piece for home or office, and one of the best of the old classics to play. Take a deep dive to Atlantis!
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Manufacturer: Built by Gottlieb in 1975
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 10 drop targets, waterfall lanes, restored
Price: $3999
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