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Led Zeppelin LE Limited Edition
Finally! The Hammer of the Gods meets the Master of Flow in famous pinball designer Steve Ritchie's (spider-man, High Speed, Star Wars, Firepower, Black Knight) masterpiece of speed, Stern's Led Zeppelin pinball. This is the rare Limited Edition version, with special art package, mirrored backglass, shaker motor, upgraded speakers, HD invisiglass and more. Signed by Steve himself, this game features breakneck speed, an awesome industry-first rising spinner mech, and 10 of the greatest Led Zeppelin tunes of all time, along with an awesome ruleset by young code phenom Tim Sexton. An amazing lightshow accompanies the music, with Stern's "expression lighting" system providing a unique and immersive light show for each song. You'll feel like you are at a Zep concert as you go on tour and take flight with the mighty Led Zep themselves. String together multiballs, shoot an endless array of combo shots, and go for the Top of the Charts. This fantastic machine has it all, one of Stern's greatest and latest pinball offerings, in the rare and collectible top of the line LE package. This is no mudshark tall tale, it's the real deal. Time to go platinum with Led Zeppelin!!!
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2021
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: three flippers, rising magnet spinner mech, expression lights, four ramps, shaker motor, HD glass, mirrored backglass, 10 rockin' Zep tunes
Price: $13999
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