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It's the thunder from down under, one of the greatest hard rock bands in history, AC/DC! And thanks to Stern, in 2012, they got their very own completely awesome, loud, and rockin' pinball machine!!! This game from legendary designer Steve Ritchie has it all; a player controlled cannon, ramps, multiballs, and a soundtrack of a dozen of AC/DC's best tunes. You'll be duck-walking all over your game room and bobbing your head manically, as you hit the molded playfield sculpt Bell for playfield multipliers, and try to juice it up for HUGE song jackpot scores! This game just screams rock 'n roll, with shots punctuated by tolling bells, heavy riffs, and searing guitar licks. It may be the best rock pinball game of them all. A game that is already legendary among pinballers, it's AC/DC pro by Stern. Take a trip to the Highway to Hell and you'll see that Hell Ain't a Bad Place to be when it's accompanied by Angus, Brian, Malcom, and the rest of the crew. An all-time banger of a game!!! Includes the insane flashing lightning bolt mod, which helps create an unrivaled in your face light show.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2012
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Player controlled cannon, ramps, Bell, flashing lightning bolts, multiballs, original AC/DC tunes
Price: $7999
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