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Star Trek (pro)
It's pinball at Warp Speed with Star Trek, a magnificent three-flipper game that obeys the Prime Directive: Fast, awesome, flowy pinball action! This game from rock star pinball designer Steve Ritchie is an amazing take on the JJ. Abrahams Star Trek movies, with a rocking Vengeance ship that shudders when you shoot it, a magnet that grabs the ball behind the drop target, and a deep ruleset that will have players of all skill levels coming back for more. Lush orchestral music from the film, including the iconic Trek theme, along with actual voice clips from the movie, and original pinball-related speech calls from Dr. McCoy (Bones portrayed by the movie's Karl Urban) round out an awesome sound and music package. This game is in great shape, and has an added shaker motor for rumbling cinema action! Get a piece of the action with Stern's Star Trek.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2013
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: 3 flippers, shaking vengeance ship, drop target, 3 ramps, multiball
Price: $6999
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