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I offer pinball machines of ALL eras for sale, unlike most retailers who will only sell newer models. All of my pinball machines have been completely gone through and played for hours to ensure that they are in top playing condition. I will not sell a machine unless it plays as well and as reliably as the games in my permanent collection.
Games sold locally are protected by a 30-day warranty. If anything goes wrong with the machine during that time I will come by and fix it. After that initial period, all of my customers receive discounted hourly repair rates on any problems. Games can also be shipped but with a limited warranty as service calls will not be a possibility.
My inventory is constantly changing. If you would like a particular machine, let me know and I will track it down
and let you know once it is found. Even if you only vaguely remember the game you used to play at the frat house, in high school, at the neighbor's place, or wherever those memories were made, try describing the game as best as possible and most likely we can figure it out.
Pinball - As far as fun is concerned, it's the best investment you can make! Click here for my pinball movie.
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