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WOW! It's Fireball, the 1972 all-time classic, one of the most famous and sought-after pinball games ever built. This game was first made famous by a Playboy magazine article before its release, promising a far-out new game by Bally that would have features nobody had ever seen before. And when the game invaded arcades a few months later, players were SHOCKED at all of the exciting features: multiball, a spinning disk, zipper flippers that pull together and spread apart, a cool two-level skill shot, and some of the most amazing, breathtaking art that had ever - or would ever - grace a pinball machine. This particular Fireball is in AMAZING condition, absolutely gorgeous from the cabinet to the playfield to the mint condition backglass. This game has been featured in countless movies, books, tv shows, and premier collections. A rare opportunity to own a beautiful example of the innovative game that inspired countless imitations and bears influence on every game made since....FIREBALL!
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally in 1972
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: multiball, spinning disc, zipper flippers, saucers, captive ball
Price: $4999
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