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Spider-Man (stern)
One of the best Stern machines ever made, this Steve Ritchie (Game of Thrones, Black Knight, T2, High-Speed) classic immerses you in the Spider-Man universe, with an amazing soundtrack, hilarious voice calls from JK Simmons, and flow, speed, and ramps galore. You'll feel like you are flying from building to building from your homespun silken webs!!! The game has a very deep rule set that will challenge the greatest players, but also two easy to achieve multiballs for novices to enjoy. Three flippers, three ramps, magnets, and one of the best layouts of all time make this machine a winner. This game is in great shape, has had a full LED  light makeover, and includes over $1,000 worth of awesome aftermarket mods: Color DMD screen, Shaker Motor, lighted flipper buttons and speakers, and more, all of which hot rod this already fantastic game. Battle the Green Goblin, Sandman, Bonesaw, and more in this cinematic pinball journey!
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2007
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Ramps, magnets, moving Dock Ock, Green Goblin, and Sandman figures, multiballs, color DMD, shaker motor, tons of awesome mods
Price: $8499
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