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Wild Fyre
Classic digital-era Stern games like Wild Fyre have exploded in popularity an collectability as players have discovered their fast, silky smooth layouts, awesome art, and creative rulesets. Wild Fyre has it all...a swords and sandals epic of drop targets, kickout holes, and spinners; all the classic early digital elements are there. Inlanes reset the drop target banks, which is a really cool play feature, and higher-than-usual slingshots create fast, interesting mid-playfield action. And, this game is just fantastic to look at, with bright colors and a gorgeous mirrored backglass. Strap on the sandals, pull the chariot out of the garage, and get ready for some wild fire action!!! This game was in home use most of its life, and it's amazing original condition.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 1978
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: Drop targets, four kickout holes, fast Stern action
Price: $3499
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