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Liberty Bell
This gorgeous, patriotic extravaganza celebrates America's bicentennial, the mid-70s party that had even the most cynical citizen bleeding red, white, and blue. This classic Williams not only looks great - look at those vibrant colors, mint condition backglass, and beautiful playfield and cabinet - it also plays great. Basically the two-player version of megahit Grand Prix, this is a bonus and spinner game, with four cool standalone drop targets thrown in for good measure. And this one is FAST. Rip those spinners, and send your scores sky high where the eagles fly!!! Awesome vintage classic with all the iconic features - drop targets, spinners, pop bumpers, and kickout holes up top and on each side. Ring the bells...for freedom! [this game is currently being refurbished, fresh pics will be posted when finished]
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1976
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 4 drop targets, two spinners, pop bumpers, 3 kickout holes
Price: $2499
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