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This is another classic from the Golden Age of pinball, the Williams 1990s run of unequaled machines that players and collectors still clamor for. Congo is just endless fun, with so many different ways to score points, with numerous multiballs and unique mini-games and scoring modes. Go for the MAP awards or the Mystery awards for different prizes and modes. Collect diamonds to lock balls for multiball. There's also a ton of different video modes, plus the unique "monkey game" below the playfield. An amazing sound/music/speech package features voice calls from Tim Curry and Ernie Hudson. Great three-flipper playfield layout that calls to memory the classic designs of Tron and Funhouse, and cool interactive sculpted 3D Amy gorilla and volcano that erupts pinballs!!! It's all based on the wacky cult 1990s action flick based upon the Michael Chtichton novel, which is definitely more fun to watch after you've played this awesome machine! Play this game, search for diamonds, avoid the hippos, killer mutant apes, and poisonous pythons, and let Amy know she's a good gorilla!
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1996
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Three flippers, lower playfield game, Ape and Volcano toys, two ramps, multiball, theatrical sound, music, and speech
Price: $6999
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