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Last Action Hero
This one has it all...speed...humor...gimmicks...and all the hot Arnold Schwarzenegger action your house can handle!!! Based on the infamous early 90s blockbuster, this Data East game is packed to the gills with features, toys, and anything else you can think of. You want a mechanical crane that carries the ball from one side of the playfield to another? You got it! How about a powerful shaker motor that rumbles along with it? Boom! How about three powerful magnets that throw the balls amok during multiball? You know it! A cool, deep mode-based ruleset will keep your interest for years, and a fun layout with a smooth ramp shot, two captive balls, and two playfield scoops will help you hone your skills. An up to 6 ball multiball is the final ingredient in this blockbuster stew, literally topped with a really cool police siren topper that flashes brightly with the power of spotlight LEDs. Full LED lighting conversion on this one makes this a bright, fun, explosive addition to any home game room. Original speech from Arnold, and audio clips from throughout the movie, all backed by a retro MIDI synth version of AC/DC's hit song "Big Gun." You'll be back...game after game!
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Manufacturer: Built by Data East in 1993
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: magnets, ramps, moving crane, shaker motor, 6 ball multiball, full LED lighting.
Price: $4299
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