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Here it is, one of the greatest games ever made by one of the best-selling designers in pinball, Whirlwind! This Pat Lawlor masterpiece somehow encompasses amazing flow while also having SIX pop bumpers on the table! What a fantastic layout on this one; every shot is satisfying, from the upper flipper ramp shot, to the looping orbits, to the drop targets and the raising ramp shot, Whirlwind has earned it’s spot in pinball history. Fantastic art, sound and music round out this one, along with three spinning discs that throw the ball around (as if in a tornado!) and a super cool fan on top that blows fiercely at the player when the storm is coming. Hide in the cellar for scoring modes and points, and relight the cellar with the upper flipper ramp! This game helped change pinball forever, moving toward mode-based games with a “wizard mode” and a “grand champion.” Well lookie here…it’s Whirlwind!!! You can’t beat this awesome classic.
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1990
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Spinning playfield discs, three flippers, six pop bumpers, raising lowering ramp, amazing sound, music, lighting, and speech
Price: $5799
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