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Remember the intense days of the 1990s, when everything from snack chips to T-shirts to pastimes were EXTREME?! Well, the 90s are back in this EXTREME pinball machine, dedicated to the Xtreme/extreme sports craze that began during the Clinton years and continues unabated to this very day! Jump out of an airplane! Catch air on the dirt bike course! Hang ten on the water! Ski down a triple black diamond course! Race around a NASCAR track with Robby Gordon! It's all here in this lighting fast Steve Ritchie (Spider Man, Black Knight, T2, Game of Thrones) designed thriller! Features a jump ramp with magnets that keep the ball moving, ramps, spinners, and a talking skull which jaws at your relentlessly during gameplay, with a moving jaw and eyes of fire! It's a miracle we survived the 90s, when everything was this extreme, but we - and this kickass pinball machine - lived to tell the tale! Great game with awesome metal music, crazed voice work, and nonstop three-flipper action!
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally/Williams in 1995
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Magnet jump ramp, talking skull toy, ramps, multiballs, fast flow action, three flippers
Price: $4899
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