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This is a sweet early Gottlieb digital, with a cool supernatural Native American theme and all the classic Gottlieb elements: drop targets, a vari-target, rollovers, kickout hole, fun bonus action, and their famous huge blue digital displays. Smack the vari-target on the left for bonus and points, shoot the lane on the right to bring it back up top and score the rollovers, and hunt drop targets for Bonus X and to light the extra ball spot target. A fast, smooth game with neat early digital sounds and gorgeous art, featuring an awesome, mirrored backglass from legendary Gottlieb artist Gordon Morrison. The game is in amazing shape for its age, with a mint backglass and beautiful cabinet and playfield. This game has been restored with new computer boards to ensure reliability. Gottlieb, the master of the old-school pinball machine, scored another winner with the fantastic game, Totem!
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Manufacturer: Built by Gottlieb in 1979
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: drop targets, vari-target, pops, cool digital sound, kickout hole
Price: $2799
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