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Iron Man
This is Stern's modern classic of speed and adrenaline, Iron Man, based on the popular comic book character and the Robert Downey, Jr., movies. This game has it all - a screaming fast fan layout, pulse-pounding action and theatric sound with clips straight from the moves. Shoot the three spinners to raise the Iron Monger from the center of the playfield and bash away to start one multiball - but beware, the magnet can throw the ball in unpredictable ways. Another magnet in the top center activates Whiplash multiball. War Machine laser kicker shoots the ball back to the flippers at breakneck speed. This game is from the original run with the higher quality cabinet. The game also features over $500 worth of aftermarket mods, including a shaker motor that rocks the whole game, and a striking playfield LED lighting kit. There is also a color changing backbox lighting kid that replaces the original bland Florescent bulb with changing color LEDs that just look magnificent. A great game all around! This is game is Home Use Only, never been in an arcade or bar, and is in beautiful condition.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2010
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: magnets, laser kicks, LEDs, ramps, multiballs, rising monger bash toy
Price: $6999
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