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Space Mission
Space...the final frontier! The world's fascination with space helped make this the most popular, best-selling classic EM pinball machine of all time! Space Mission - depicting the historic US-USSR Soyez link up in space - was a monster hit for Williams in 1976. And it's no surprise; a swinging target, rocket-spinning spinner, flipper-level kickouts, horseshoe shot, and stunning artwork makes this not only a great piece to look at, but an addicting game to play. Up to four players can embark on this mission. Shoot the moving swing target to light the spinner for huge rips and to light double bonus at the kickout holes and light the extra ball lane up top, and shoot the horseshoe to add bonus and rack up points. It's an unusual layout that makes for an extraordinary game! This particular Space mission is in fantastic shape with a near-mint playfield. Blast off for adventure and retro thills with Space Mission!
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Manufacturer: built by Williams in 1976
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: swinging target, lower kickouts, kickout holes, horseshoe, powerful pop bumpers, spinner
Price: $2499
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