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Silver Slugger
Here's an awesome entry-level modern-era game with a cool old-school layout, Gottlieb's Silver Slugger. This game, built on Gottlieb's super reliable System 3 chassis, has a digital display, speech, music, and multiball with a classic layout to go along with its robots playing baseball theme. This game features cool classic elements like drop targets, three awesome spinners, and a vari-target, as well as animated backglass lighting that shows home runs and baserunners. This was the most successful of Gottlieb's "street line" games of the early 90s, and it's a blast to play! Anybody can step up to this one and have a blast. A brand new LED display has been installed, ensuring you'll never have display issues as long as you own the game.
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Manufacturer: built by Gottlieb in 1990
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: drop targets, kickout holes, vari-targets, animated backglass, speech, multiball, three spinners
Price: $2699
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