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Twilight Zone
This one truly needs no introduction! Get lost in the Zone, with one of the greatest games of all time, the 1993 Bally/Williams classic Twilight Zone. This game immerses you in the famous old sci-fi TV show, bringing to life robots, demonic slot machines, time-altering clocks, ghostly hitchhikers, soothsaying cameras, homicidal dolls, and everything else you remember from that fantastic show. This is the game that set the standard for all others when it comes to theme integration, toys, world under glass, and all that other awesome stuff you hear about on pinball podcasts and forums. This game is in great shape and plays like new. Twilight Zone - they'll never make another one like this game. Be one of the lucky few to have a gorgeous TZ pinball in your home.
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally/Williams in 1993
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Gumball machine, two playfield magnets, magnetic "Battle the Power" playfield, four flippers, amazing sound, rules, and art.
Price: $10999
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