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Muhammad Ali
The greatest boxer of all time deserves a great pinball machine, and that's what you have with Stern's 1980 classic Ali. Classic Stern games were famous for their speed and flow and this game is no exception. Great ruleset makes this game endlessly replayable; hunt down drop targets to build up bonus, and nail the uppercut shot to land the ball in the right kickout hole to collect. Sweet early electronic sound including a bell that closes the rounds will bring you back to the old-school arcades. And the art is fantastic and really captures the theme; It's Ali through the 60s going insane after whupping Sonny Liston, and in the 70s in a tux for his Sports Illustrated cover after shocking George Foreman, and nice little touches like the three crowns on the pop bumpers, representing Ali's then-unprecedented three heavyweight titles. This Ali is in magnificent shape, with a mint condition playfield protected by early-installed mylar. Great game to play, great game to look at, and a true piece of history.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 1980
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: six drop targets, spinner, speed and flow, four kickout holes
Price: $5999
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