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Alien Star
Are you ready for Alien Star? This is one of the coolest pinball games of all time. Back in 1984 following the infamous industry crash of 1983, both the video and pinball industry appeared to be on death's door; the full-on revival was a couple years away. Pinball manufacturers responded by putting out fewer games and slashing production numbers. Many of these games were ridiculously awesome, but with arcades closing, most people never saw them. Alien Star is one of these games, an incredible Gottlieb classic that decades later is getting the recognition it deserves, and is now one of the rarest and most collectible early digital games. This game is popular among tournament players and collectors, due to it's amazing art, trippy sound package, and fantastic game play. It's deceptively simple yet addictive; spell ALIEN with the right standup bank to light the left collect for ball lock, and then play a 2-ball multiball with 2x to 5x playfield scoring. The right inlane lights the spinner for 2X scoring for a few seconds, and a well placed spinner rip can absolutely blow up the game with massive scoring. It's difficult, simple, and addictive - you always think you can do better on the next game destroy a lit spinner during multiball for hundreds of thousands of points! One of the most exciting shots in pinball. This Alien Star is in gorgeous condition, completely shopped out with all the needed board work and rebuilt mechs to ensure reliable play for years to come. An amazing game that will become the early digital jewel in any collection!
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Manufacturer: Built by Gottlieb in 1984
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: spinner, multiball, amazing early digital sound
Price: $5999
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