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Attack From Mars
ATTACK! Here it is, one the most sought-after pinball machines ever produced, Bally's Attack From Mars. This game is one of the most addictive and replayable games ever made. The classic 50s sci-fi theme sees players defending the Earth from Martian Invaders intent on destroying our cities and enslaving humanity. Defend our livestock, women, and historical monuments by destroying their spaceships and invading their planet. What makes this one so good? Beyond the incredible art, theme, and sound, it's the simple rules but deep gameplay. Beginners will love destroying the space ship and hunting down the jiggling Martians, and experienced players will love repeating the shots to achieve Total Annihilation and completing the six unique goals to Rule the Universe. This game is in great shape and plays like it just came out of the factory - it also has the ultimate mod, a color DMD screen. In over 20 years, this machine still hasn't been topped. This is an original 1995 Bally game, not the reproduction.
Manufacturer: built by bally/williams in 1995
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Jumping rubber martians, exploding space ship, 4-ball multiballs, moving target bank, ramps
Price: $8599
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