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Centaur (II Edition)
Good move, human! You've discovered Centaur, one of the all-time classics from the early digital pinball era. This game is famous for its striking black and white artwork, its five-ball multiball, and its awesome sound and speech. This amazing game vaults you into the world of Centaur; knock down the ORB targets in order to instantly start multiball. Multiballs also possible from the drop targets, inlane spot lites, and the two different releases, one that features inline drop targets, and the other that features a magnet which grabs the ball. Multiballs range from 2 to 5 ball. Centaur is one of the best classic games of all time, and this special II edition, released in 1982, features this cool special edition cabinet which looks great and also has a narrower footprint to fit into tighter spaces. Centaur baby! What a game! This game is in fantastic original cosmetic shape, and has been stripped down and shopped. Flippers rebuilt and snappy. New alltek MPU main board for improved reliability.
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally in 1982
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 2 to 5 ball multiball, auto plunger for multiball, lane-change, inline drop target bank, two standard drop target banks, speech and digital sound.
Price: $3899
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