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Join Professor X as his hearty band of X-Men take on the rogue mutants led by the diabolical Magneto in this awesome three-flipper pinball machine from Stern. Sick flow and deep rules make this one of the most exciting and addicting games of the past decade. Bash Wolverine to start Weapon X multiball. Lock 4 balls to start Magneto multiball. X-men modes, villain modes, wizard modes, brotherhood and Hellfire Club multiballs...plenty to experience for newcomers and rules so deep that pro players will be addicted trying to see all it has to offer. Two playfield magnets create wicked random ball movement and hold onto three balls to kick off Magneto multiball. Gorgeous hand-drawn comic book art and cinematic music and speech rounds out this awesome package.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2013
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Three flippers, two magnets, ramps, tons of multiballs and deep rules
Price: $5499
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