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Pool Sharks
Don't poke it, Stroke it! That's just some of the great advice you'll get from Whitey, the great White shark and proprietor of Sharkey's pool hall. This lighthearted game features amazing sound, music, and speech, along with a moving "talking" Sharkey toy and a really fun shooter's layout. You can choose between two rule sets (8-ball or 9-ball), both of which have simple but addictive rule sets. Sink pool balls by knocking down drop targets, and then shoot lit shots to light hurry ups for big points. Collecting sharks will also light a jackpot that increases from game to game - you only have seconds to cash in on these big points so make your shot count! Easy to understand game, but challenging for all players with the hurry ups and lit shots that require accurate shooting on the fly. This game also has a beautiful old mirrored backglass, and a classic system 11 light show. Amazing game to play in a dark room! This Pool Sharks is in gorgeous shape all around, and has cool LED lighting installed. Fun, simple, addictive game that everybody can enjoy!
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally/Williams in 1990
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: ramps, speech, talking shark toy, drop targets, amazing light show
Price: $2899
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