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Metallica is the heaviest pinball machine ever made, featuring a dozen of Metallica's greatest hits presented in high-fidelity sound, along with hundreds of voice calls from all the band members and blazing fast pinball action. An incredibly deep ruleset ensures you'll play this game for years and never uncover everything. Electrocute Sparky to make him headbang! Knock down the 4 inline drop targets to activate graveyard and another magnet. Hit the captive ball to start Coffin multiball, Shoot the sssssnake...this game is awesome. No other pinball machine rocks like this one. Featuring gorgeous, hand-drawn custom art by Metallica artist Dirty Donnie - no cheesy clip art photoshop here. An absolute modern classic and a must for any hard rock fan. This is a beautiful, brand new game that has never been on location.
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Manufacturer: built by Stern in 2018
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Inline drop targets, magnets, bash toy, ramps, multiball, real Metallica music and voices
Price: $6899
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