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Break Shot
Are you ready for a raucous pool party in a rustic cabin?! Of course you are! It is time for Breakshot, an awesome modern DMD display machine with a classic pinball layout. This is a great game that everybody can enjoy; it melds modern speed, sound, speech, and music, graphic animation, multiball and rules with an old-school pinball layout featuring drop targets, spot targets, three flippers, and three physical ball locks. This is a great machine for someone who wants all the modern bells and whistles, but also wants an approachable game with clear goals. Super fun machine and great for competition. Watch out when you lock balls – if you do not start a 2 or 3 ball multiball before your turn is up, other players may steal those locked balls! This game is in great shape and is being refurbished with new rubber and LED lighting.
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Manufacturer: Built by Capcom in 1996
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: two drop target banks, three flippers, three lock holes, multiball, music/speech, DMD display
Price: $3199
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