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Jungle Queen
This 4-player classic from the king of vintage pinball, Gottlieb, is four-flipper drop target fun. Lots of ways to score. Attack the monkey drop targets to build bonus and light the 5,000 point shots on the side. Go up top for A/B/C to light double bonus. And use the small flippers to shoot the kickout holes for 5,000 points. It's a high-scoring, fun, fast game, with fantastic art. Just a great game all-around. You'll love shooting the monkeys and pushing your score past the roll point to activate the "100,000 point" light under the score display!
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Manufacturer: built by gottlieb in 1977
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 10 drop targets,, 4 flippers, two kickouts
Price: $1799
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