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Road Show
One of the classic widebody "everything but the kitchen sink" game from the Golden Age of pinball, it's Road Show, with another amazing Pat Lawlor (Addams Family, Dialed In, Wonka) designed pinball machine with four flippers and two articulated heads that talk, follow the ball around with their eyes, and interact with the player. Tour the USA on a destructive road trip with Red and Ted, who never met a city they won't bulldoze. Awesome sound and music and a fantastic layout highlight this game, with ramps galore and tons of shots. Great fun theme that keeps it light with tons of hilarious voice quotes featuring country music royalty Carlene Carter. Shoot Ted 's mouth to start multiball, and smack Red for a super jackpot, all while bulldozing your way through Mardi Gras, New York City, Vegas, and 15 other USA destinations. They don't make 'em like this anymore, but you can bring the Road Show to your home arcade! Beautiful machine, featuring an aftermarket color display screen and cool work siren topper. Feel the thunderous vibrations of your demolition work with a cool shaker motor. Awesome game in beautiful shape!
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally/Williams in 1994
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Widebody, shaker motor, color screen, two "Rudy" mechanical talking head. ramps, multiball, four flippers, all LED lighting, two plungers.
Price: $5199
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