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Batter Up
Swwwwing batter! Here's another Gottlieb wedgehead classic - Batter Up! This is Gottlieb's first famous vari-target baseball themed game. And while they made a bunch of different ones, this is the undisputed champ. The harder you hit the vari-targets, the more points you get. This game also has an awesome animated backglass which shows runners on base - hit a double, and a man appears on second base. Super fun game with two-inch flippers and inlanes (a rare combination) which gives the player more control. It's also an add-a-ball, so not only is it rare (under 500 made), it's better for home use since you can extend play rather than win "free games." Play for points as well as "runs," and every run scored tolls a loud, satisfying bell in addition to Gottlieb's trademark charms. You may also remember the replay version of this game, Baseball. [Game is still undergoing restoration, fresh pics will be posted when finished]
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Manufacturer: Built by Gottlieb in 1970
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 2 vari-targets, animated backglass, run score reels, bell and chimes
Price: $1699
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