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Blue Max: The Red Baron
Here's a cool affordable Chicago Coin game with a rare military theme, Blue Max, celebrating the legendary Red Baron as well as the early WWI German air force. This game features classy historical artwork lightning-fast gameplay! All players will enjoy ripping the dual spinners in the center on the Red Baron's biplane, which look like spinning propellers when hit. Fun, fast play but also a perfect game for kids and beginners with its simple ruleset, and it will look great in any collection. Featuring beautiful podercoated blue legs to fit the theme and artwork. Game plays like brand new with new rebuilt flippers and juiced spinners. Game is in great shape and ready for your game room!
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Manufacturer: Built by Chicago Coin in 1975
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: Dual spinners, powdercoated blue legs, historical artwork. kick out hole, two drop targets
Price: $1299
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