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Star Wars
From the greatest movie event of all time comes Star Wars, another amazing game of speed and flow from designer Steve Ritchie (High Speed, Spider-Man, Black Knight, T2, Game of Thrones). This game immerses you in the original Star Wars trilogy universe. Attack the death star, light saber duel to the death with Vader, escape Boba Fett..it's all there. Awesome original music from John Williams, tons of high-def clips from the movies, and original sound bytes from the movies put you inside Star Wars like never before. The game's layout is designed for hyperspace speed, and the deep ruleset will keep even the most accomplished player engaged, with plenty of front end candy for new players. A magnificent new machine worthy of the Star Wars game. This game is in brand new condition.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2018
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Molded light up death star, drop targets, two ramps, authentic original trilogy sound, video, and music, extra playfield LCD screen
Price: $5999
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