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High Speed 2: The Getaway
High Speed 2 puts you in a car, running from the cops, and driving fast as a hell. Pretty simple scenario but one that will always be awesome and appealing. It's super fast fun from best-selling designer Steve Ritchie. This immersive game features a magnet-powered supercharger ramp that throws the balls around a metal track with crazy speed, a real police beacon light an a super fast flowy playfield with a gear-shifter ball launcher. The music, sound, speed, and fury of High Speed 2 is why it's one of the all time greats. Shoot orbit loops to advance your gears to play video mode, light the supercharger mode, and move to gear 5 and the REDLINE MANIA wizard mode. The original was an insane hit, and inspired this equally popular sequel!
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1993
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: magnet-powered super charger ramp, gear-shifter, working rotating police light beacon
Price: $3799
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