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Rolling Stones Limited Edition
The greatest rock n roll band in the world deserves a great pinball game, and here it is! The Rolling Stones, a fantastic, fast, flowy, and action-packed machine. This is the rare LE edition, featuring chrome trim, a gorgeous real mirrored backglass, a shaker motor, a ceramic power ball, under playfield Addams Family-styled magnets for multiball chaos, and a certificate of authenticity. The playfield is also signed by Gary Stern (president of Stern Pinball) under the left flipper. This game is in gorgeous mint condition, never on location, hardly ever played. Super fun game with moving Mick Jagger target, fat ramps, super cool 3D tongue and lips over the right ramp and great stackable mode/multiball rules. Perfect for a Stones fan - hits like "Start Me Up" and "She's So Cold" and deep cuts like "Hand of Fate," the LE version also features extra songs the regular doesn't. Really a great game for a legendary band.
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2011
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Ramps, multiball, mint condition, moving mick jagger, 3D lips,shaker, chrome trim, light up apron, playfield magnets
Price: $6999
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