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Jurassic Park
This awesome game brings to life the world of Jurassic Park, with a mechanical T-Rex that actually eats and chews balls, 6-ball multiball, 3 flippers, and a powerful shaker motor and stereo sound that puts you in a theme park with no lines, no crowds, but unfortunately also dinosaurs run amok! They are angry, hungry, and have no idea what century they are in! A fantastic mode-based rule set with an awesome wizard mode complements a great layout with tons of shots to make a classic pinball machine. One of the best Data East pinball games and one of the greatest pinball film licenses of all time. This particular Jurassic Park game is in gorgeous condition with all LED lighting.
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Manufacturer: Built by Data East in 1993
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: mechanical ball devouring T-Rex, three flippers, ramps, multiball, shaker motor, modes, stereo sound
Price: $4199
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