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Jack*bot is the best gambling-themed pinball machine of all time, and the third and final installment in the Pinbot series of games. Another amazing classic 1990s Williams game. First you helped build Pinbot...then you helped design The Machine: Bride of Pinbot...and now...you join the lovely robotic couple on a gambling outer space honeymoon where the stakes are higher than ever. This game features a super-deep ruleset and amazing digital sound that makes for a theatrical experience that challenges even the best pinball players, with enough simple elements to keep new players entranced. Open the visor to lock the balls in the Bride's eyes to start multiball. But that's just the beginning...casino games allow you to gamble points on your skill, and the Casino Run wizard mode lets you gamble points, awards, and even extra balls and specials. Only the best players will ever reach the Mega-Visor Jackpot. A magnificent game in every way. Even allows "cheating" by pressing the blinking extra ball button when the dealer isn't looking! Just a great to play - sharpshooter fun, fast action, great light show, sound and music - this one has it all.
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1995
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Moving visor ball lock mech, deep rules, ramp, 2 and 3 ball multiball
Price: $3899
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