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Are you ready to voyage to a trippy new dimension of wonder, magic, and drop targets? Of course you are...that's why you are entering Gottlieb's Dimension, one of the coolest looking and playing pinball machines of all time. This super rare (450 built) add-a-ball version of 2001 has it all - 20 drop targets, amazing art, and the add-a-ball feature. Knock down 10 of the targets on either side and light WOW, which means a frenzy of adding balls by hitting the lit WOW targets. A soul-rocking THWACK! accompanies each added ball. An amazing game to play at home, as you can get on a roll and extend your games and raise your scores higher and higher. One of my all time favorites!
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Manufacturer: Built by Gottlieb in 1971
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 20 drop targets, WOW add-a-ball, wedgehead cabinet
Price: $1799
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