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HUO Harley Davidson - 2nd Edition
Get ready for some heavy metal thunder - it's Harley Davidson, the explosive fat boy themed pinball from Stern. This is the limited run 2nd edition version, with beautiful chrome trim and updated HD motorcycles on the playfield, and this game is in gorgeous, like new condition, and was in a home for its entire life. This is a fantastic family-friendly game with easy to understand rules, plenty of multiballs, and flowing ramps. The game rumbles just like a real hog with a powerful shaker motor. A player-operated center post helps players save straight-down-the-middle balls, and a rising wheelie motorcycle swallows and spits out balls. Awesome rock n roll soundtrack plays "Born to be Wild" and "Bad to the Bone," and immerses you in the world of Harley. Live to Ride as you travel the USA visiting cities from east to west with the thundering action of Harley Davidson!
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Manufacturer: Built by Stern in 2003
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Drop targets, ramps, multiball, 3D die-cast motorcycles, player operated up post
Price: $4499
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