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Supersonic is a groovy, family-friendly early digital classic by Bally celebrating the achievement of supersonic commercial flight! Who can forget the graceful lines and striking profile of the Concorde, which ferried the rich and fabulous between New York City, Paris, and London in only three hours and change for 30 glorious years? This game features gorgeous art and a classic old-school layout with a bank of standups, a bank of drop targets, a kickout hole, a ball-save gate, and of course, a juiced Bally spinner that can rack up the score when lit for 1000 points a revolution. This game is fully refurbished and features brand new boards for high reliability, rebuilt connectors, flippers, and pop bumpers, and striking new white LED displays which make this game look stunning in a dark room. An awesome piece for any gameroom!
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally in 1977
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: drop targets, ball-save gate, kickout hole, spinner
Price: $2399
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