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Gorgar speaks! This is the first talking pinball machine ever built, the awesome and historic Gorgar. This game was a huge hit when it was released, not only because of the cool digital speech, but also because of a dark theme, great art, and fun gameplay. Speech is not the only gimmick - there is also a magnet that grabs the ball momentarily in the Snake Pit. Two drop target banks and a spinner round out the great play features. And beyond the speech, there’s awesome old school sound effects along with a cool pulsating heartbeat that speeds up as you play deeper. This Gorgar is in gorgeous shape, and has a beautiful brand new perfect backglass installed, all LED lighting, and a lexan playfield protector for smooth gameplay.
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1979
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: Speech, playfield magnet, 6 drop targets, spinner
Price: $2799
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