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South Park
South Park, Colorado's foul-mouthed crew of 4th-graders comes to life in this fantastic South Park pinball machine. And not just the kids! You get Mr. Hanky, Mr. Garrison, Chef, the cop, and all of the lovable and outrageous characters from the hit TV show (well, at least those who had been introduced by 1999 when this game was built). The game really captures the show, with original sounds and voice clips. It'll make you feel like you are really being insulted by Cartman, or having a quiet moment with Kyle or Stan. Knock and kill Kenny to send him to his just reward, help Chef deliver the good lovin' he's famous for, learn a lesson from Mr. Hanky, and so much more. Mode-based play with as many multiballs and scoring modes as jokes, this game will put a smile on your face and chocolate salty balls in your mouth!
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Manufacturer: Built by Sega in 1999
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Moving Kenny figure, raising toilet seat and Mr Hanky doll, ramps, multiball
Price: $3899
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