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"I'll take the Texas Chili and a Coke!" It's Diner - another all-time classic game from Williams and the golden age of pinball. Diner is a great light-hearted, nostalgic-themed family-friendly pinball machine, with a challenging two-ball multiball and awesome art and sound. And like a good burger, this one has the works, with ramps, a working "clock" that shows your dine-time jackpot value, "bobblehead" type figures in the backglass that move when slap the machine, a 3D-jukebox that lights up for skill shot, and a big coffee cup the ball spins around for big points. Serve a gallery of impatient customers as they demand chili, hot dogs, cokes, and shakes - serve them all to light the potentially huge Dine-Time jackpot bonus! Fun game that's just the right level of difficulty and depth for all types of players. Fantastic nostalgic 50s art and music as well, and amusing speech from the diverse bunch of characters who are stopping in for lunch! Game is in great shape, super clean all around and outfitted with LED lighting to make it pop just right! "Order up!"
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1990
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Crisscross ramps, multiball, drop targets, Coffee Cup bowl, spinner, animated backglass
Price: $3499
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