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Dr. Dude
The Dr. is in! It's Dr. Dude, a totally excellent time capsule of late 1980s' cool. In this colorful, family-friendly adventure, you help our hero - a geeky bookworm - transform into a way cool super stud with the help of the wonderfully coiffed Dr. Dude and his X-cellent Ray. Achieve the three goals - the Gift of Gab, Magnetic Personality, and Heart of Rock n Roll - take a trip through the spinning mixmaster, and start multiball! Another trip or two through the mixmaster will bring you big points via Jackpot! You can also become a Super Dude and try for a Gazillion points! It's pretty awesome. Game features the mixmaster ramp, a cool magnet that holds onto the ball, and the amazing spinning mixmaster toy, along with the animated big shot you can punch. Trust me, he deserves it. Another fantastic game from Bally with amazing sound and music.
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally / Williams in 1990
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: ramp, multiball, spinning disc, magnet
Price: $3499
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