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Fireball Classic
This is the gorgeous 1985 re-creation of Bally's most famous old school machine ever, 1973's Fireball. The playfield is almost completely the same, except that it has large 3 inch flippers instead of the old 2-inch zipper flippers. The spinning disk, the cool skill shot, the ball locks, it's all there, along with a deeper ruleset and brilliant early digital sound FX. This is a fantastic update of this all time classic, and with the better rules and sound, it's even more fun to play. Smack the captive ball to release locked balls and add Bonus X, nail the skill shot for big points and to light the pop bumpers. The spinning disk creates chaos - you never know where the ball is going to go! Great multiplayer game where you can steal opponents' locked balls. Fireball Classic - it's a classic! This game is in beautiful condition and is run by an updated, brand new MPU board for enhanced performance and reliability.
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Manufacturer: Built by Bally in 1985
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: spinning disc, three-ball multiball, multil-level skill shot
Price: $2799
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