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The Flintstones
Are you ready to Yabba Dabba Do-it with Fred, Barney, Wilma, and the rest of the gang?! Of course you are, with this awesome Flintstones pinball machine puts you in the classic cartoon, with art, sounds, speech, and music all based around the original animated series and the 1990s film. Released at the time of the blockbuster film, the game features original speech from talented actors John Goodman, Rick Moranis, and coolest of all, the late, great, legendary Harvey Korman as the Dicta-bird (and you'll remember his voice as the Great Gazoo from the TV show as well). This fast and smooth-flowing game is great fun to play with a really cool multiball, and numerous different scoring modes and features. The dictabird moves, ramps divert between the flippers, there's a rotating "machine" that flings the ball around to score points, and even a bowling alley where you can pick up strikes and spares!! Also features a 3D "rock" apron, and a 3D "Bronto Crane" that sends the ball into the pop bumpers. Williams really went all out to make this game as Flintstones as possible, and it shows. Games open and close with the classic original "Flintstones theme" song recording as well. This is a great family-friendly game that is just tons of fun!
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1994
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Moving Dictabird and "machine," 3D rock apron and Bronto Crane, bowling pin targets and alley, ramps, multiball, original sound, speech, and music from the TV show and movie.
Price: $4399
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