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What would the world be like, without Captain Hook? Thanks to this spectacular pirate 'n Peter Pan-themed pinball machine by Data East, you'll never have to find out! Hook is based on the Spielberg blockbuster film, and has magnificent art and fast, family-friendly gameplay. Featuring multiball and one of the longest, twistiest ramps in pinball, this game has an easy-to-understand ruleset, two ramps, and a cool skill-shot. A great value game with all the bells and whistles! Shoot the targets to light multiball, shoot the VUK up top to start multiball. The Windcoaster ramp scores your jackpot! Lots of fun scoring modes like Croc Time, Clocks, and a 20 million point hurry up if you can nail the cool skull in the middle. Great light show, sound, speech, and music.
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Manufacturer: Built by Data East in 1991
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Two ramps, multiball, drop targets, original sound and speech, numerous scoring modes.
Price: $2299
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