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Buck Rogers
Hiya B-B-B-Buck! It's Gottlieb's Buck Rogers, commemorating the late 70s sci-fi cheesefest Buck Rogers TV show. Yes, that's heroic Gil Gerrard on the gorgeous backglass, apparently using some space-babe as a human shield as he fights to defend humanity! Really fun game with eight classic Gottlieb drop targets and a unique captive ball/vari-target up top. Build up your bonus and bonus X by taking out the drop targets, and shoot the captive ball for big points and bonus advance - and, you can collect your bonus during the ball by lighting and hitting the kickout hole. Cool early digital space sounds and those trademark Gottlieb giant blue displays make this game a retro winner. This Buck Rogers is in great cosmetic shape and has all new computer boards to ensure reliable operation for years to come. Biddy biddy biddy baby!!!
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Manufacturer: Built by Gottlieb in 1980
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: Eight drop targets, captive ball vari target, kickout hole, all new boards
Price: $1999
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