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Grand Prix
This game rocks! It's one of the best spinner games of all times, Williams Grand Prix - a fast game for a fast theme! This game is famous for it's hot spinner and bonus action - featuring two greased lightning fast spinners that are more fun to rip than a cruise through a Monaco race course. Nailing spinners adds bonus to either side, and kickout holes on the side cash in bonus at any time. Drop targets award double bonus and light extra balls. This is one of the last Williams electromechanical games and they threw everything into this one - two independent and complete bonus units? That's insane! Lighting fast action that defies the stereotype that these games are slow. Classic formula racing theme is great for families. Williams sold over 10,000 of these back in the day, and it's no surprise - players loved this game then, and they love it now. A masterpiece by the legendary inventor of modern pinball, Steve Kordek. This one is in super nice condition all around.
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1977
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 2 spinners, 4 drop targets, 3 kickout holes, cool racing theme
Price: $1999
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