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Indianapolis 500
It's a great day for pinball...start your engines! It's Indy 500, one of the fastest games ever built, and a thrilling flow machine! This is another classic 1990s Williams/Bally game with amazing sound and dot animations that immerse you right into the famous Brickyard of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The real ABC TV announcing team of Bobby Unser and Paul Page narrate the game as you strive to make pole, pass cars, and alternate ramps for jackpots. The shots are smooth as butter and the pace is pulse-pounding. Features a third flipper to make combo shots and lock the ball in the rotating turbo boost. Also features a rotating race car toy so substantial and fast it acts as a shaker motor, rocking the whole game and bringing the motor's rumble to your fingertips. Great backglass gives you a real sense of the speed and spectacle of the world's most famous auto race. This is a rare machine with only around 2,000 made, and an amazing package and sweet playing game. Game is in beautiful shape and features all LED lighting. It's the greatest spectacle in pinball!
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1995
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: Three flippers, turbo booster, race car spinning disk, rotating race car toy shaker, Indy Race video mode.
Price: $3899
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